We are very proud to announce our new store in the CastleYard Kilkenny.

Discover the Artistry at Patrick Joseph's Castle Yard ShopNestled in the heart of Kilkenny, Ireland, the Castle Yard is a hub of creativity and craftsmanship, and at its center is the Patrick Joseph shop. This vibrant space is not just a store but a living gallery of bespoke knives and jewellery, each piece a testament to the meticulous artistry of Patrick Brennan, the founder of Patrick Joseph.A Historic SettingThe Castle Yard, adjacent to the medieval Kilkenny Castle, is renowned as a center for arts and crafts. This historic location is home to numerous artisans and designers, making it the perfect setting for Patrick Joseph's studio. The yard itself is steeped in history, providing an inspiring backdrop for the display of modern masterpieces.The Studio ExperienceVisiting the Patrick Joseph studio in Castle Yard offers a unique opportunity to witness the display of high-performance chef knives and bespoke jewellery. Each piece is handcrafted with precision, blending traditional techniques with modern innovation. Patrick’s studio showcases his journey from a passionate knife enthusiast to an internationally acclaimed master craftsman.Meet the MakerPatrick Brennan's story is one of resilience and dedication. After a serious accident in 2010, Patrick turned to craft as part of his rehabilitation. His journey took him from learning leatherwork to mastering the art of knife making under the tutelage of renowned experts like Gil Hibben and Lin Rhea. Today, Patrick's knives and jewellery pieces are celebrated for their exceptional quality and intricate design.Craftsmanship on DisplayAt Patrick Joseph’s shop, visitors can explore a wide array of products, including:High-Performance Chef Knives: Each knife is designed with the utmost care, ensuring perfect balance, sharpness, and durability. These knives are not only functional but also works of art, featuring beautiful handle materials like bog oak and mammoth ivory.Bespoke Jewellery: Combining his skills in goldsmithing and blade making, Patrick creates unique jewellery pieces that are both elegant and personal. From silver and gold inlays to custom engravings, each item is tailored to the client's specifications.Custom CommissionsOne of the highlights of visiting the Patrick Joseph studio is the opportunity to commission a custom piece. Patrick works closely with clients to understand their needs and preferences, resulting in truly bespoke items that reflect individual tastes and stories.Engage with the CraftThe Castle Yard shop also offers demonstrations where visitors can learn about the intricate processes involved in knife making and jewellery crafting. These sessions provide a hands-on experience, allowing participants to appreciate the skill and dedication required to produce Patrick Joseph's masterpieces.Visit UsWhether you are a culinary professional, a collector, or simply someone who appreciates fine craftsmanship, a visit to Patrick Joseph’s shop in Castle Yard is a must. Explore the rich history of Kilkenny, meet the maker, and discover the artistry that goes into every Patrick Joseph creation.Location:
Patrick Joseph
3A Castle Yard, The Parade, Kilkenny, Ireland R95 X721Contact:
Phone: +353 (86) 879 8888
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