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Professional Knife Sharpening

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Knife Sharpening Service.

 Now available in store or by post. Our new in store service is done overnight so I t couldn’t be easier just drop your knife into the studio into us.




R95 X721

We will have it sharpened for you the following day or you can ship it to us at the above address. Sharpen by post normally has a one week turn around. We charge a simple flat rate to sharpen any knife using hand sharpening methods we won’t destroy your knife by using sharpening machinery. All our sharpening is skilfully carried out by hand using Japanese waterstones, we then strop to a razor edge by the carefully by Patrick Brennan renowned for his sharpening technique.

Patrick conducts a comprehensive Five step refurbishment process to your blade.

Step 1, the blade is straightened as most blades are warped to some degree this however does have its limits, but we will do our upmost to try to rectify any Issues.

Step 2, the secondary edge is hand ground on the stone for vastly improved cutting geometry.

Step 3, the secondary edge is hand lapped for friction reduction and ease of maintenance.

Step 4, the primary edge (cutting edge) is established and then hand honed it on super fine Japanese waterstones.

Step 5, the primary edge is stropped and tested for sharpness.

If shipping your knife, please make sure that the relevant precautions are taken not cause injury anyone during transit or to us when opening the package.

Please note Some knives may cost more to sharpen depending on length and time necessary to create the proper edge geometry or to fix damage we will contact you prior commencing your sharpening. Sending knives to us for sharpening implies you agree to Patrick’s experience and judgement on how your knife can be refurbished for better overall performance, which often results in cosmetic changes to the appearance.

Your knife will be extremely sharp when returned so please take care opening or collecting. Exercise caution if testing the primary edge i.e., don’t run your finger on the edge.

We look forward to receiving and working on your Knife.